S/Z “Double Twist” Twisting Machine

TEKSiMA “Double Twist” Twisting machine has the capability to make S and Z twists simultaneously. It has optionally PLC control system and touchscreen panel. It is convenient to twist nylon, polyester and various synthetic yarns between 210×2 and 3000×3 denier. For the final twist, the number of spindles can be up to 32. For the initial twist, the number of plies can be up to 3 for each spindle, this means there can be up to 96 additional spindles. (3×1) The ring diameters are standard and can be 90-112-140-160-185mm.

Below you can see the video of our double-twist machine with touch screen control.

Below you can see the video of our winding/folding machine that prepares the bobbins of double-twist machine.