About us

TEKSiMA is a family firm currenly being run by the fourth generation. The history of TEKSiMA begins in 1893 after H. Mehmet Emin Botsalı started a business in yarn trade sector. After Mehmet Emin Botsalı passed away in 1938, his sons Hasan and Hüseyin Botsalı run the company between years 1938 and 1950. When both brothers lost their lives in 1950, M. İsmet Botsalı, from the third generation, took over the business. İsmet Botsalı took the business further by bringing twisting machines from Europe. Between years 1970 and 1976 İsmet Botsalı run a yarn production plant and after 1980 he started to manufacture textile machines under the brand of TEKSiMA. Today, TEKSiMA is run by E. Sertaç Botsalı, who is from the fourth generation.